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Find the most effective color matchings.

Discover the perfect socks.

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What is ColorShape?

ColorShape can speed up and simplify the design process.

ColorShape allows computerized 3D design of prototypes, extreme accuracy on patterns and color variations, significantly reducing times and costs on sampling.

Perfect design

Color matching



Design, studied in details

We often wish to create a unique design.

The idea is clear, but the results often do not meet our expectations.

ColorShape lets you work on a virtual sock, identical to the real final product.

The design can be modified and finished exactly to the desired results.

Fast and effective.

A world of colors

ColorShape uses Filmar pantone colors!

With just a click, you can create endless color matchings and achieve new, unexpected and more effective color variations.

From design to machine

Your creations sent directly to machinery.

ColorShape integrates perfectly with all productions cycles.

Perfectly compatible, it can be used by any department in the hosiery industry.

Production operators, designers and technicians speak the same language with ColorShape.

Intuitive and user-friendly, it is accessible to anyone.

Costs and time reduced

ColorShape is cost-effective and time-saving.

All calculations needed for designing samples can be simply performed on your computer.

Your sample will be sent to production only when designs perfectly match your expectations.


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